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Terms & Policies

Our policies are written for the purpose of clarifying expectations for both winery and bottler, and for planning for maximum levels of quality during the bottling of your wine.  All customers must accept these stated terms and policies at time of scheduling of bottling service. 

Sanitization:  Virginia Wine Bottling will follow generally accepted standards for cleaning and sterilizing bottling equipment prior to processing of wine.  Winery will be responsible for approving quality control standards including hot water contact time for sterilization, fill levels, cork insertion depth and labeling. 


Quality Control:  The winery must designate a key winery contact such as the winemaker or winery owner, to be responsible for ongoing monitoring and approving of quality standards during the process of bottling of wine.  Key winery contact must notify the bottling operator of any unacceptable issues with quality standards during the bottling process.  Quality standards to be checked include sanitization of bottles, adequacy of filters, monitoring of CO2 or nitrogen, fill height, cork insertion, vacuum levels, proper label placement, overall package quality, accuracy of information stamps, box seals and other associated elements.  Virginia Wine Bottling will collect samples of bottling during the bottling process for quality assurance purposes. 


Material Defects:  Virginia Wine Bottling is not responsible for defects in materials supplied by winery, including but not limited to bottles, corks, twist-off caps, capsules, filters and labels.   The winery should provide Virginia Wine Bottling with their bottle specifications 5 business days prior to bottling day. 


General Requirements:  Winery should check our Winery Checklist to ensure adequate provision for bottling service, such as electricity, parking access, potable water, hosing, staffing and supplies. 


Prices:  Winery is responsible for checking the prices for Services on this website and accepts prices as stated prior to start of service. 


Payment:  Standard terms:  full payment due upon job completion.  We offer Net 5 payment terms for customers in good standing, who have proven to pay promptly.  We accept payment in the form of checks written to "Virginia Wine Bottling LLC".  


Minimum Charge:  Total charges, including bottling, change fees, and supplies, will be added into total charges for each day.  If the total charges for services (not including supplies) are less than the minimum daily charge, the winery will be charged the minimum daily charge. 


Hourly Rate:  Start delays of more than 2 hours due to winery staff may be charged an hourly rate.  Idle, downtime due to winery issues also may incur hourly charges.  The winery is responsible for providing adequate staffing on bottling day, arriving at scheduled setup and start times.  In-line pad filtering during bottling is not allowed.  Delays caused by clogged filters on wine not pre-filtered will incur hourly rate charges. 


Cancellation Fee:  Service scheduled and cancelled within 10 business days of bottling day may be charged the minimum bottling rate. 


Insurance:  Workman's compensation insurance must be supplied by the winery to cover staff and volunteers assisting with the bottling of wine at their sites.


Indemnification:   The winery customer agrees to fully exonerate, indemnify, defend and hold Virginia Wine Bottling, LLC, its officers and employees harmless from or against all claims or actions arising out of loss, damage or injury to bottled product or persons in connection with, or arising from the operations to be carried out hereunder.  This shall apply to all claims, losses, injury and/or other damages. 

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