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Virginia Wine Bottling LLC

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Phone: 571.212.7185


We make every effort to deliver top quality services, and to ensure our customers' satisfaction.  To do so, we survey every customer to determine the level of quality provided, and to assess any areas where we can improve.  We then take any suggestions and find ways to increase the level of quality for the next bottling day.

"Bottling is the most stressful of all winery operations in my mind.  To have all of the skill sets needed to run a bottling line is rare.  Keeping sensitive equipment working after bouncing down the road is a challenge to say the least.   As the first mobile bottler this side of the Rockies, I know. What Mark Lacy at Virginia Wine Bottling has done is impressive. He has bottled for us since his start-up phase, with few hiccups and always finishes the job with a high level of professionalism and continual quality consciousness. We use Virginia Wine Bottling for all our bottling needs."

Chris Pearmund, Owner & Winemaker, Pearmund Cellars, Warrenton, VA (quoted 4/7/2010)


It is Mark’s style to be successful at any task, and for us his presence was a gift. Not only were we able to complete all of our first year bottling of 12 different wines and labels in an organized, systematic way, but the added bonus was Mark’ insight and advice about our winery and operations.  Mark has extended my knowledge of wineries greatly and probably tripled my list of advisors. Whether it’s the wine itself, storage, bottling or the greater strategic questions of blends and sales, Mark is a whiz.  The efficiency of bottling allowed us space and time to sell and was very cost-effective.  The wisdom imparted was priceless.           

Jane Margaret O’Brien, Owner, Slack Wines and Vineyards, MD  (4/11/2012)


I have had very good experiences with Virginia Wine Bottling LLC.  The company is a pleasure to work with, they are very professional but unpretentious and relaxed—which has been well received during crazy bottling times.  All of my bottlings have come out beautiful.  Mark Lacy really knows what he is doing and has always been the easiest to work with.  I would highly recommend them. 

Justin Bogaty, Partner & Winemaker, Veramar Vineyards, VA (4/18/2012)


"For all eight parameters (of the service quality survey) I give a perfect 10. And also for personality and comic relief. I am not trying to be nice but I have worked with many bottlers in many countries and your service is excellent. Mark is a great communicator and that makes all the difference in the world. If you just keep on, keeping on you will be in very high demand as it should be.  I can’t think of a single improvement at the moment."

Maria Peterson, the Winemaker at Monteluce Vineyards, GA, quoted 6/14/2010


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