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Top-of-the-Line Equipment         

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Our priority is providing you with reliable, high-quality bottling services.  Our mission is to deliver the highest levels in customer satisfaction, with a friendly face.  We want your bottling day experience to be productive, enjoyable and stress-free.  We offer the operational advantages of world-class GAI, state-of-the-art bottling equipment.  Built October 2009, this system has 16 filler heads and is capable of bottling 3000 bottles per hour, at maximum speed.  It is fast!  But more importantly, it is reliable, providing you with the assurance of few mechanical breakdowns, so less time wasted on mechanical issues and fewer giveaway bottles of wine.  In addition, this equipment is assured to bottle your wine with the best available sanitization standards, minimizing oxygen levels in your wine and reducing risks of contamination.  Our equipment is brand-new and will be kept sparkling clean.  We offer a clean, smoke-free work environment, keeping the air you breathe and your wine as pure as possible. 

Our top of the line GAI 3006/6060 system offers many advantages for the best bottling of your wine:

bullet 16 filler heads, up to 3000 bottles per hour at max speed
bullet Large 4 ft dump tray, to unload 10 cases of empty bottles at a time to speed bottle input
bullet AC in the trailer minimizes condensation issues for labels & controls wine temperatures
bullet Pressure sensitive labeler adjusts to varying bottle widths and angles up to 20%, for smoother labels
bullet Fully computerized labeling system regulates speed of input and output to minimize misfires
bullet Digital phase converter utilizes 100amp circuit to eliminate the need for noisy diesel power generator, yet makes it easy to connect to your power source
bullet Standard rinsing process for bottles combines microfiltered water followed by air blasts to minimize water in bottles
bullet Option to sterilize bottles using nitrogen and/or air to reduce use of water within bottles
bullet De-aeration station vacuums out air and injects nitrogen or CO2 gas for exceptionally low absorption of oxygen during filling process, an average of .06 to 0.09 mg per liter of wine, with head space reduced to .1 to .08 mg in corking and .18 to .15 in screw capping
bullet Filler unit is designed to eliminate introduction of air into the tank, to reduce oxidation, and contamination while maintaining desired aromas.
bullet Pre-corking gas injector reduces oxidation from 1.4mg to .25 mg per liter of wine
bullet Vacuum corker then reduces oxygen from .25 to .08 mg per liter on average
bullet Screw-cap option installed for crown or screw-capsules with automatic sterilization, gas injection & fast-speed hopper
bullet Zorks can be applied to regular wine bottles using our Stelvin head, with some manual assistance
bullet Equipment is cleaned using bactericidal liquid and hot steam
bullet Extra-large 6 ft receiving tray allows two people to inspect up to 48 bottles at a time, doubling your output capacity



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