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Bottle Specifications

Minimum bottle height is 180mm or 7 inches.  

Maximum bottle height for any bottle is 400mm or 16 inches. 

Our system can adjust for tapered bottles, up to a 15 degree pitch. 

We can handle bottles from 56mm to 102mm in diameter, as listed below.

Our system handles bottle neck internal diameters (cork sizes) ranging from 18-20mmm.

750ml Bottles

74-77 mm diameter, part #78

76-79 mm diameter, part #80

80-84 mm diameter, part #85

85-90 mm diameter, part #91

91-93 mm diameter, part #94

94-100 mm diameter, part #102


375ml Bottles 

54-57mm diameter, part #58

63-65 mm diameter, part #66

66-71 mm diameter, part #72


If you have a quantity of different bottles, please contact us to see if we can help.  We may be able to adjust our sets, or arrange for service of different size bottles, with advance, special arrangements. 


Any questions?  Please contact Mark at

Label Specifications

We use a top-of-the-line GAI 6060 pressure-sensitive labeling system for smooth operation of the labeling process.  This is a relatively new class of top quality vacuum linear labeling machine.  Positioning is controlled by a state-of-the-art microprocessor which calculates speed of the machine, length of labels and diameter of the bottle.   This labeling system minimizes misfires and improves application of labels. 

We will have two label print heads, so we can do either one main label for both front & back, or two separate labels, and one or two webs per label.

Please review our specifications and call us with any questions to help ensure the best final output of your wine bottle labels. 

bullet Label reel, core size is 3 inch, 14 inch maximum outside diameter.
bullet Maximum web height is 6 inches, maximum label length around is 10 inches.
bullet Label position is 4 (unwind in counterclockwise direction).
bullet We can handle clear and opaque labels of 2mm minimum, which are "felt" by our labeler according to thickness.  Our labeler does not require that you print a black line on clear labels.
bullet Label backing paper must be at minimum .04mm thickness or it will break during the labeling process and we will be unable to label
bullet Label heights can be as small as 1/2" or as high as 8" tall
bullet We can label split labels (two separate pieces on the same roll)
bullet Check with us if you have unusual shapes or sizes of labels


If you have any questions about your labels working with our system, please contact us prior to ordering labels or scheduling service. 

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